Chapter 6

NOZZLE was floating quietly in Our Pond. He was wondering how he could talk to all those Birds at once? He had no problem with speaking to all The Friends of Our Pond together. Even with some in the water, some in the grass, and some perched in the giant Pine Tree--if he spoke loudly enough, and made every word count, they all would understand. But what could he do with  hundreds of Birds. If they all sat in the trees, they would break the branches. Even then, many would not hear. Suppose the Birds sat in groups, and he walked by and said the same thing over, and over, again? No, each group would not hear the same thing.

He needed help.

Just then ZANZIBAR, the flying squirrel, came swinging by from branch to branch. He was followed by his friend, TWITTER, the little, red bird, that sang all the time,  and  taught  her  songs  to  all The Friends of Our Pond.

NOZZLE raised his big, long nose, and called them over. They both made a quick turn, and glided down to find out what was going  on.

NOZZLE had a short question. He asked, “ How do you talk to a huge mass of Birds all at once?”

Twitter quickly replied, “Do you want them to remember what  you said? If so, you sing to them with strong   music.”

“No,” he replied, “I can't run around   singing!”

“You don't.” interrupted Zanzibar. “These Birds live in a cloud. They fly most of the time! You form them up into a giant, flying swirl that goes round and round. TWITTER, SHARD and WHIZZY will flap their wings and stay in one place, while they sing a song with your message in it. Birds sing, and listen to song, you know! They will fly by us again and again. They will memorize your song with its music, and it will become a happy, singing part of their lives. They will end up by teaching each other, or even singing their own message song back to us.”

What a great idea, thought NOZZLE! He would tell TWITTER his short message for the Birds. She would make it into a song with music. She, and SHARD, and WHIZZY, would form a trio and sing the song to the White Cloud Birds, as they swirled by, over and over again. They would keep it up and cause the White Cloud Birds to swirl and swoop, until they all understood  the message--which  would help them do the work--to get the  water.