Introducing Our Pond Children's Stories

Our Pond is a series of original children's stories, donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland by Fred and Angela Close, with the intent that they be shared with children and families everywhere. 


Story 1 - Our Pond and the Great Pinecone

"There once was a beautiful little pond in a green meadow far out in the country. It was very peaceful, with the soft smell of flowering bushes and the sound of wind rustling in the tall grass. Over the years, a group of little animals had found this fresh blue water pond to be a perfect place to live."


Story 2 - Our Pond and Too Much Water

"Whizzy, the silver dragonfly, was buzzing along high in the sky over the beautiful blue pond that was his home. He lived there with a friendly group of animals. They considered Whizzy their messenger. He zoomed around on his magnificent silver wings, telling each of them what was going on."


Story 3- Our Pond and the BOING Festival

"Deep in the pond Kate, the fat old catfish, was barely moving her big long tail. The bright sunlight way upon the surface never sparkled on her home just over the sandy bottom. She was used to the still water around her being cloudy and dark."


Story 4 - Our Pond and the Giant Hummingbird

"Except for Whizzy the dragonfly, Twitter the little red bird was the smallest member of all the friends of Our Pond. She also seemed to be the happiest. Not only was she happy, but she also made everyone else happy. She sang her beautiful songs every day."


Story 5 - Our Pond and the Three Apples

"Snag, the beaver, was very tired. All day, every day, he was busy, busy—looking for enough water to fill all the buckets in Posey's Chariot—to give water to the White Cloud Birds! They were little buckets, and were not big enough to supply all the Birds—so some of them went home to their nests and they were still thirsty."



Here is a sample of Our Pond character sketches by Angela Close: