Chapter 7

NOZZLE needed to be quick! There were a lot of good things going on. It was all happening very fast.

Most of the White Birds had drunk the “tea”, with extra mint,  in their little umbrella, and had become Wise. The Learning of Words was going forward faster than anyone could have imagined. Some of the Birds were even talking amongst themselves without any help, and using  brand-new  Words  they had only learned  that  day.

At the same time, there was still the problem of  not  enough  water. Even with all the work SNAG and his Chariot Crew did every day, filling little buckets of water and giving  them  to  thirsty Birds, there still was not  enough  water.  They  needed ‘BIG WATER’ and they needed it at once!!

NOZZLE was a gifted leader. With all these issues, there still had to be leaders that helped the others, and he was that, too! There were so many differences that had to be  understood. Every animal in the Friends of Our Pond was different from every other animal in the group. Birds in the White Bird Cloud were very different from every member of the Our Pond Family. To make it even more complicated, some of the White Birds were “wise”, and were even learning new words every day, while others, who had not had the “mint cure”, still flapped along without knowing anything.

All of this had to be brought together and focused on the ‘BIG WATER’ project. This was going to take an enormous amount of work and cooperation between vastly different animals.

This also meant that there had to be a basic understanding. NOZZLE knew that first there had to be Friendship! It was just that simple! Friendship would produce Trust, and that would make Understanding, and that would make it possible for all  the Friends of Our Pond, and all the White Cloud Birds,  to work together and get the ‘BIG WATER’.

NOZZLE thought it would be a waste of time to try to get anyone digging that first day after the discovery that water was somewhere under the Apple Tree. He just didn't say anything about it. Oh, he was so wrong! All the Birds were very excited! Some were thirsty and were  already zipping around all over  the sky looking to see if there was any  action.

NOZZLE  was  still  getting  organized,   and  he  wasn’t  thinking about digging.

First, he sent the small kangaroo, called HIDE, to find the COMMANDER, who was leader of the White Cloud Birds.

Then, he sent TWITTER to find her friend,  THE  LITTLE, BLACK BIRD, who always helped the COMMANDER.

Then, NOZZLE called for his oldest  friend, JAZZ, the  monkey.

When they were all there, NOZZLE saw that he was looking at a group of Best Friends and that was the “Point”. He was looking at animals that were vastly different, but they Trusted each other,  and that was also, the “Point”.

They all sat down together, and feasted on some fresh Berry Balls. Next, NOZZLE called for SHARD, the huge bird who seemed to know the most about underground   rivers.

Then, he called SNAG, the beaver, who knew the most about digging and cutting down trees to make walls.

Then, he called BUBBLEBATH, who was swimming in the Pond, blowing bubbles. BUBBLEBATH had turned out to be more than just an artistic fish that made  bright  colored  bubbles. He made “fun” that excited everybody! Our Pond members, and all the Wise, White Birds, were always happy to find BUBBLEBATH in action He did things that were friendly and fun--bubble, bubble, bubbles--the “Point”!!

Then, NOZZLE called WHIZZY, the dragonfly, who knew everybody, and could always get there quickly with an urgent message and a smile—the “Point”.

The COMMANDER, with his brilliant, gold chest, and  long,  slim, white wings, stood up. He smiled, and showed he had understood the “Point”. He said, “ My dear Friends, you have taught us the “Point”. You have given  us  Friendship--the  “Point”. You have done everything possible for us, and we all  owe you a great deal--the “Point”.”

Without another word, The COMMANDER swept his big wing down and picked up the young kangaroo, called HIDE. He did not have to say anything. He just stood there holding her, with  a huge smile on his beak--the “Point”. Finally, he said, “Just tell me what we need to do, and we will do it.”

NOZZLE stood up, and said, “Yes. Thank you. Working together is--the “Point”-- and we will all win.”

THE LITTLE, BLACK BIRD was learning new Words every day. She even had enough words to say, “TWITTER and I will fly around singing together—the “Point”.”

TWITTER immediately flapped her little, red wings and said, “Now, that the Wise, White Birds have so many Words, it will be almost impossible to keep them from singing along with us! That will be wonderful! We will sing  and  make  happiness—again, the “Point”.”

NOZZLE thought they should wait for a day to begin work on digging--in search of the underground river. But, everyone had heard at least a part of the Apple Tree story, and they were talking about it. Masses of Wise, White Cloud Birds were zooming around everywhere in the sky. They were very excited, and could not wait.

Absolutely everyone--from the Friends of  Our  Pond  to  the  Cloud of White Birds-- had arrived and they were  all ready to help find ‘BIG WATER’!

NOZZLE smiled to himself because he knew the “Point” had been reached!