Chapter 5

NOZZLE was at home, on his pile of logs, trying to get to sleep but he could not. Here they were.  They had  found the source  of the water they needed, but they were not big enough or  strong enough to go and get it. They would have to dig a long, long way to get to it, and then dig a huge basin, with  high  sides, where they could keep the water to form a lake. Most of the members of Our Pond were just too small to be of much help in digging. Other Friends, that only lived in water, could not even do digging.

The next morning NOZZLE was still sitting there wondering what to do, when he heard Boing, Boing, Boing. He knew that the mother kangaroo, called BOING (because of the noise she made when she jumped), was coming down the path  to  see him for some reason. When she got closer, she made a big, big Boing, and landed on the sandy  road, just  beside  him.  Her two children were riding in her pouch. They both  jumped  down and went to practice the Words they were teaching the White Cloud Birds that day.

BOING wasted no time, and asked, “Are you  ready  to  ask  me for another one of my ideas to help you solve a problem you're having with your Our Pond Community?”

“Oh, yes, yes!” NOZZLE said. “It is not really an Our Pond problem. It is the huge amount of drinking water we  need each  day for all those thirsty White Cloud Birds. They have  become  our Friends! They are being very friendly. They are learning the words we teach them every day. We talk to their leader.  Also,  they all understand not to drink water directly from Our Pond, because it would drain it dry. Even though they may  be thirsty,  not one of the hundreds of birds has ever come to drink  our water!”

“ We think we have found the underground river where the ‘BIG WATER’ is. But we understand that the Friends of Our Pond are not big enough, or strong enough, to make a lake and put ‘BIG WATER’ in it. We can't even dig to the ‘BIG WATER’--and if we could reach it, we still would have no place to put it. We are not big enough, or strong enough, to do the necessary   work.”

“ We have learned a great deal, and have come to love our neighbors. We want them to be able to stay near us, enjoy being wise, and, most of all, to not be thirsty! I am sorry  to  say, we  need your help again!”

“ Wait, wait! You should not be sorry,” BOING said. “I want you to need me, and my ideas! That is the way it is for me! I like it  when the ideas work. I like how you feel when they work. I like  how YOU like ME when I try to  help you. ‘Sorry’ never comes  into it! It is not just you and me--that is the  way  helping  is  always  meant to work!”

BOING understood the problem, and the kind of idea that was needed. She started her little “find-the-idea” dance. The answers were difficult, and it took some extra, dusty dancing before she had all the ideas she needed.

She finally had it organized! She called her children, HIDE and RIDE, over to hear the ideas, because she  wanted  them  to learn  and, also, to help,  as much as possible

She looked over at NOZZLE, on the side of the path, and said,   “ When you have a small question, you only need a small answer. When you are faced with a BIG problem you may need several BIG ideas to work together and find the answer.”

“ Here  are  my  ideas: First  Idea--Massive Help
What you need is help in building and digging. This means  massive help!

You know the Friends of Our Pond cannot do it alone! You need help, BIG help to do it. Who else is there? Birds, Birds, Birds--of course! The strength to do this job is already there. The White Cloud Birds must make the Massive Help!

Second  Idea—Knowledge
These Birds must be Wise--they must understand directions,  and talk to each other. This means they must have Words. They have to learn many Words.

Third Idea—Willingness
These Birds must be willing. They must want to do this long, difficult work. They must know they  are  working  with  Friends that want to help each   other.

Fourth Idea—Team Spirit
The leaders of the Birds, COMMANDER and THE LITTLE, BLACK BIRD, and all the Friends of Our Pond must work together, from the start, as Friends—and a  team!”

BOING added, “Simply put, for it all to work, you need the Birds to be wise and willing. The wonderful thing is that in your kindness you are already working on programs to make them wise for their own happiness, and the water is meant to solve their problems of thirst so they are sure to be willing!”

NOZZLE could see these ideas were the answer! All the  Friends of Our Pond must understand all of this. All the White Cloud Birds must drink JAZZ's little umbrella contents, with extra mint, and become Wise and Normal, and learn what was happening. Most importantly, the White Cloud Bird's COMMANDER, and his helper, THE LITTLE, BLACK BIRD,
must learn about BOING's ideas—at the same moment, at the same meeting, as the one planned for the Friends of Our Pond. All must feel equal--and work together to do this huge job from the  start.

And, that meant there must be a big meeting for all.